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“If you are in the military, law enforcement, a private contractor or a civilian, these guys will be a huge benefit to your defense training.”


Being ex-military and law enforcement, and training in martial arts for Decades, I know these guys have taken weapons defense to a whole new level. The weapons defense Academy is by far the best place for defensive tactics training gainst any sort of weapon. I also use the member site weekly to help me prepare to teach various groups. I always discover something new and it also sharpens and refreshes my techniques.



Clint Fish

Class, Private, On-Line Member

I have never experienced anything as powerful as these techniques.


I have never experienced anything as powerful as these techniques. I am 5’6″ and I practiced with a friend who is 6’4″ and the slightest amount of pressure buckled him to his knees! I couldn’t believe how easy it was! Thanks Weapons Defense Academy! I’m a believer!



Brian Lavey

Private Lesson, On-Line Member

“The Weapons Defense Academy showed me how technique overcomes brute force any and every day”


I have been a martial artist for many years, specializing in Filipino and Chinese Martial Arts. When I was referred to Master Vince and Professor Castoldi I couldn’t believe what I found. As Master Vince says, “it’s like a magic trick, really impressive, until you know the trick..then it’s easy, stupid easy”. Professor Castoldi says “You just don’t know what you don’t know…and you’re not supposed to.” This will change the way you think…and move, forever!!



Captain Jablin

Class, Private, On-Line Member

“No bad things to say about the Weapons Defense Academy, they are top notch at every corner and truly take unarmed street defenses to new heights.”

Mike Scardino

Class and On-Line Member

“I said to myself, I have 15 years of Taekwondo experience and I am a third degree black belt, is there really going to be anything that I will learn from this Academy.

Well, I am really glad that I joined because now I feel like I have a life changing experience. In Taekwondo we did a few weapons techniques and that was only after you reached your black belt. I mean you guys have twelve different defenses to somebody putting a knife against your throat.

The content on your website is organized so well and search is so great that I can get the exact videos that I want with no effort. You told me search was great and that I could save my videos in my own favorite list or my personally named playlists and I really didn’t believe that it would work as easily as it does.

Best of all it costs me a fraction of what my dojo charges me and I am now becoming the knife, gun, and club pro in my school. Thanks so much for this great product.

– Joe G.  On-Line Member


“I helped Vince and his team put together some of the Weapons Defense Academy website. Little did they know that I’ve been training and competing in Brazilian jiu jitsu and no-gi grappling for over 3 years. As practical as BJJ is, I’ve always wondered what good it will be if somebody pulls out a knife…

I’ve also been in several street/bar fights and I saw a good friend of mine get bashed in the head with the thick end of a pool cue and wind up in the hospital with a concussion (could have been much worse). So I started going through the video techniques on the WDA membership site and practicing them with some of my grappling partners.

I have to say, I’m very impressed. I chose BJJ as a martial art for its practicality, and the instructors at WDA provide extremely practical defense techniques. They teach you to effectively manage distance and use leverage to disarm bigger, stronger weapon wielding attackers.

I feel a lot more confident in being able to handle myself if a bad situation comes up. Even though I live in Thailand, which is a relatively safe country, I’ve heard stories of fights gone very wrong between Thais and foreigners. The fact is, insulting a Thai can cost you your life because it means a loss of face in their culture. And here, a fight with one Thai means a fight with all of his friends.

Obviously, this is a situation I strive to avoid but it’s good to know I can defend myself or a loved one if a situation gets out of hand. Thanks Vince, thanks WDA.”

– Vic Dorfman, Bangkok, Thailand
On-Line Member

“When I walked out of the Weapons Defense Academy after my first encounter with Master Vince, one word kept sounding in my mind. Wow…

I have 20 years of martial training in classical Okinawan Karate, and while there is no question of the strength of the art; defense against an attack from a weapon brandishing assailant was just not covered. Oh sure, there was a little of the block, punch and kick stuff; the stuff you see in the movies or read about in a magazine, but when I signed up with Master Vince at his Weapons Defense Academy, I was shown with brutal clarity what really works if a knife is on your throat, a gun is in your face, or a club is swung at your head.

A lot of the information being marketed out there won’t get you home to Mama, it will get you killed!

The Weapons Defense Academy on-line membership program gives you all the techniques that are taught and is clear and easy to learn, and will give you the confidence that comes from real defense against weapons. These are real principles; techniques that work and don’t require athletic ability or decades of training. Get with Master Vince and his Weapons Defense Academy. It’s real, and it works.

Oh, and my karate has Improved dramatically as well.”
– Randolph Chestnut
Class and On-Line Member

“My Mom and Dad were both national Kungfu Champions from Zhengzhou where the Shaolin Temple is.

I feel that I have the martial arts in my blood and was born with a fighting spirit. Growing up in China, we had all the martial arts we wanted but could never study defenses against knife and gun attackers. I was going to New York and my Mom and Dad were terrified that I would be another one of those that would get mugged. They were so afraid that “everybody in the United States carries a gun.” So I found the Weapons Defense Academy online and became a member.

It never is as good as studying with the masters but it’s the next best thing. I went over the techniques with my Dad and my family and I gained the confidence we all needed for my trip overseas. Thanks Master Vince and Professor Castoldi. I met Professor Castoldi in the States and pulled two guns on him…see the picture…he had them stripped from my hands before I even knew it. Really good techniques to learn!!!! You have to do it!!!

– JiaJia, Zhengzhou, China and New York
On-Line Member


“ Where I come from, being a hard man is being able to take a good beating and then get back up again and carry on fighting.”



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