Video Instructions of Unarmed Defense That Works.

Simple Step-by-Step Techniques To Disarm Any Attacker Who Has a Weapon.

You Will Be The Weapons Defense Expert Among Your Peers and the Protector You Are Meant To Be.

Discover These Simple Moves

That Will Disarm An Attacker and Bring Him To His Knees in Just 3 Seconds Flat!

Learn How To Defend Yourself From a Knife, Club Attack, or Even a Gun

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baseball bat attack
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    Where to put your hands when someone puts a gun on you…and why this is key to getting the gun out of your face…

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    Why you should never punch your attacker when they are holding the weapon… and why all the ‘so-called’ experts you see online are DEAD WRONG about this...

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    Why doing the WRONG movement with your hands gives your attacker too much time to hurt you…and why the part of your hand between your thumb and finger is the KEY to taking the weapon away…

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    The Astonishingly Simple ‘Grab & Close’ Move Which Allows YOU To Get ANYONE’S Knife Into Your Hands...

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    The STUPIDEST Things People Do When Getting Attacked With A Knife…And How They Can Reverse Their Bad Fortunes...

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    How Doing The Exact OPPOSITE Of Running Away From a Bat ‘Shuts Down’ Your Attacker…And Why Punching is For Rookies…