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Daniel Asher -  24 years fighting experience, Amateur MMA, Pro MMA, and Kickboxing, USA Sport Jujitsu Team 3 Time World Champion

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Commonly Asked Questions

Absolutely you can! The best way to learn anything is by hands on experience with the expert in the specific field. Then if you have videos of what you learn it enhances and quickens your learning process exponentially. We always welcome you to our studios! However, many people do not have the time or resources to travel to the expert for in depth study. The Weapons Defense Academy courseware is specifically directed to people that have 4 or more years of Martial Arts, Law Enforcement, or Military experience. Some of our members have over 40 years experience. As an add-on to your practice, you should already have your foundation well in place and have the ability to practice with a partner and learn rapidly. Additionally, as opposed to coming to class, you can learn at your own pace any time and any place you want. And if you find something difficult to learn, you can pause and replay the video lessons as many times as you want.

You can certainly go to YouTube and search for almost anything you want, and it is free. YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine, right behind Google. So you can find voluminous amounts of information on any subject that you want. The problem is that you have to organize all that information. You have to find out what is good and what is bad, and usually if you are not the expert in that specific field it is hard to do. All we do is weapons defenses. We are not MMA guys that also teach some weapons defenses, or Karate guys, that teach some weapons defenses. That is all that we do and we are very good at it. Additionally, if you are lucky enough to find what is good, then you have to organize it and collate it into a teachable or learnable list. For the price of a couple of private lessons you can have what took us years to build. Sure some people say, I won’t pay for rum, I can make it in a still in my backyard. Well, cool, you go ahead and do that. I’ll buy a bottle of Bacardi and know that I always get good rum for my rum and coke. The Weapons Defense Academy will take you systematically in an organized way all the way to instructor level if that is where you want to go.

If you want to study Boxing, go to Freddie Roach, he’s Manny Pacquiao’s coach and one of the best in the world. If you want to study collegiate wrestling you wanted to go to Dan Gable at the University of Iowa. If you want to study MMA go to Greg Jackson, Renzo Gracie, or the Nogueira brothers. The thing is that none of these guys are who you want to go to for weapons defenses. Most instructors that teach weapons defenses are full time teachers of other systems and they spend their time teaching you how to strike, how to kick, how to roll, how to stretch, etc. Then they teach you a couple or a few shitty weapons defense techniques because that is not what they do. That is all we do at the weapons defense academy. We have spent the last 20 years developing defenses against weapon wielding thugs and we develop new techniques every day. That is all we do. And our techniques are so easy to learn they seem almost impossible. But they work way better than anything that is offered out there. We do not promise you that if you know no fighting techniques that in three weeks you will be able to destroy the biggest bad ass out there, but if you have a decent foundation or are a great fighter you will have a great tool to put in your tool-chest. Give it a shot and you will be amazed.

Nothing is “that easy”. It takes practice, but most of our techniques can be learned in a few minutes so that you remember them. Then the more you practice the better you get. There is no magic. More practice equals better results. However, there is nothing that we teach you that requires special skills such as the ability to do a full split, or be able to kick to the head, or be able to lift heavy weights. Many of our techniques involve fulcrums and levers and finding where those areas are on your body or in relation to the weapon you are disarming. We never use strength against strength. The problem with that is that strength can only beat somebody that you are stronger than. Technique can beat those that are stronger than you. Many of our members are already very good fighters in their own right, all we do is open their eyes to things that they may not have seen before and they add it to their system.

Once you purchase a course you have access to it whenever you want to watch it. It is always yours and you will have access to the member website. You will also have access to the Facebook member’s VIP page. If you pay for a monthly course you will have access to the VIP page for one month. If you buy a level you will have access to the VIP page for 4 months from the date of purchase. And if you buy the First Year Track you’re access to the the VIP page will not be terminated unless for cause.

To Your Weapons Defense Success!

 Vince Waterhouse
Founder & Chief Instructor, 2019 ASJL Grand Master of the Year (American Sports Jujitsu League), 2019 JA Black Belt Hall of Fame (Jujitsu America), 2018 ASJL Self Defense Instructor of the Year, 8th Degree Black Belt Castoldi Jujitsu, 6th Degree Black Belt American Combat Karate, 3rd Degree Black Belt Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate (GM Barry Polonitza), 2nd Degree Black Belt Shotokan (GM Art McConnell), 2 years private study 1979 to 1981 in Shanghai, China with Master Xu Guo Ming (George Xu).

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